The Best Restaurants and Bars in Cogne

Cogne is a town located in a valley by the same name in Northern Italy. Located in the Aosta Valley region, Cogne it is an important crossroads between Italy, France and the rest of Europe. With the Gran Paradiso National Park nearby and ski resorts located everywhere, Cogne is a fantastic place to visit throughout the year. In Winter or Summer you can enjoy romantic getaways, family holidays and business trips.

Great Selection of Dining Locations

There are more than twenty five fantastic dining establishments in the Cogne area, located within the town, on the outskirts and also in nearby villages. Each restaurant has its own locality and unique views of mountains and valleys in the area.

The food is varied, but the local, traditional mountain food made from regional ingredients is very popular everywhere, and each restaurant offers their own unique twist on many meals.

A traveller can easily spend a few days trying out different meals in the various dining locations and still not try more than 10% of what is available!

The following are some of the best locations to eat and relax in the Cogne area.

Lou Bequet

This Italian traditional restaurant is located on the outskirts of Cogne and well-worth the walk. It is found on the road to Aosta in the small village of Crevaz. They serve mainly Italian cuisine that uses local ingredients - fresh fish and game captured daily as well as appetisers and home-made desserts.

They have options for reservations and after-hours service and it is necessary to book a table in advance as the place is quite popular throughout the year. With excellent ratings and reviews it is one of the best restaurants and most highly rated in town.

The Lou Bequet is a family-run business that is decorated in a simple Alpine style, with gentle background music, home-made bread served warm while you wait for your meal and spectacular views over the valley. It is located close enough to the National Park so you can enjoy a refreshing lunch or relaxing dinner after a long day.

Bar Anais

This breakfast and brunch bar is located in the centre of Lillaz, a community just outside Cogne. It has a rustic, antique look with wood-panelled walls that display paintings from contemporary and past local artists. There are lace curtains and many books that can be read while you wait and eat.

The bar serves bistro-style food, including sandwiches, paninis and other lunch/brunch meals including appetisers. Lunch comes with a good selection of beers as well.

Lou Ressignon

Italian cuisine with a child-friendly family-run atmosphere. The restaurant has dinner, reservations and after-hours dining options. Simple Alpine decorations with a fireplace and chimney in the main dining room, friendly service full of smiles and always busy.

Currently the restaurant is owned by the second generation of the original founders and is more successful than ever. They are flexible with their timing and very accommodating and can also cater to individual meal requests.

The small, cosy restaurant is perfect for escaping the chilly Alpine air in the skiing season and the restaurant is very popular even in the off-season.

Notre Maison

Romantic restaurant that functions by reservation only., serves Italian grilled cuisine and is located in a convenient spot and is often used as a stop-off place between trips and excursions.

The restaurant also has a B&B upstairs with comfortable rooms, full breakfast, a spa to relax in, indoor swimming pool, a large well-kept garden with deck chairs and activities for children.

The food itself in the restaurant has many vegetarian options and has a flexible approach to the menu as well, allowing you to customise meals. Fresh local fish and game caught from the mountains that can be viewed from the dining room and all dishes cooked traditionally on hot stones.

Le Bar a Fromage

Reservations needed in this Italian cuisine restaurant that is geared towards showcasing the region's cheese specialities. It is in a beautiful location overlooking Florence and set in a traditional outdoor seating area protected from the wind. There are 18-26 sample plates of local cheese with full description and presentation available.

The restaurant, which is called a bar caters most of its meals for 2 people on platters. It is closed between October and December and it is a great place to watch the herds returning in the summer if you go in the afternoon.

La Madonnina del Gran Paradiso

Located near the Gran Paradiso National Park, this hotel restaurant has local cuisine mixed with refined international cuisine. It is one of the best hotel restaurants in the area and the food is presented well, is filling and affordable.

The hotel also has a beautiful spa with a view, comfortable and spacious rooms, excellent customer service and an outdoor jacuzzi. There is also a library with local history and Internet access with a Wi-Fi connection.

These are just a few of the many restaurants and bars in Cogne that you can visit all-year-round.