Summer Holidays in Cogne

A gateway to the Gran Paradiso National Park, Cogne offers thrilling summer experiences for visitors from the UK. The oldest national park in Italy, Gran Paradiso is also one of the country's most popular parks and an ideal destination for outdoor activities during the summer. From fishing to horse riding to climbing, there is plenty of outdoor fun in and around the village.


Surrounded by rugged alpine beauty, the village is a popular hiking destination. The Gran Paradiso National Park is home to beautiful flora and fauna, and exploring the park on foot is a great way to see rare wildlife and plants. Offering memorable views of the Alps, excellent trails take walkers of all abilities along ancient royal hunting paths. Trails run along rivers, lakes and valleys to isolated huts and mountain passes with dazzling views of the region.

One of the best hiking destinations is the unspoiled Valnontey valley in the Gran Paradiso National Park. The valley offers breathtaking views. Trails take hikers to thunderous waterfalls and isolated mountain passes. Along the way, hikers are treated to colourful mountain flowers. Hikers may also catch glimpses of the wildlife that inhabits the area, including chamois, foxes, golden eagles, ibexes and marmots. Different routes start from the village, lasting from one to three hours.


For more experienced hikers and visitors looking for an adrenaline rush, Cogne offers excellent mountaineering. With dramatic peaks and scenic mountain ranges surrounding Cogne, the village is an exciting mountaineering destination. Mountaineers have been exploring the hills and mountains around Cogne since the eighteenth century. Trails from the village take visitors to rocky and icy paths that border the towering Gran Paradiso Massif, the highest peak located entirely within Italy's borders.

Ascents to the summits of nearby peaks are possible along well-marked routes. The Grivola is another thrilling mountain close to Cogne that is a popular mountaineering destination. Located in the Graian Alps, it is one of the most exciting mountains to explore in the region. First climbed in 1859, the hike from Cogne to the summit takes approximately nine to ten hours. There are also a number of huts and bivouacs to stay overnight.

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding through the wooded mountain wilderness around Cogne is an unforgettable experience. With the wind at your back, trails through Gran Paradiso National Park provide multi-day experiences in pristine wilderness. The park is an excellent destination to see wildlife and stunning landscapes will horseback riding. Guides in Cogne can provide grooms and handlers for horseback riding excursions in the region and into the majestic Alps.


Cogne offers some of the best freshwater fishing in the Aosta Valley with secluded spots amidst a picturesque mountain landscape. The Gran Eyvia, Grauson and Urtier rivers offer quiet spots for a fishing excursion, while the Epinel is an excellent catch-and-release location. For trout, visit the tranquil lake surrounded by untamed wilderness in Lillaz. Recreational fishing is also popular in Aymavilles, which attracts anglers from throughout the region with guaranteed catches.

Mountain Biking

Cross-country skiing trails in and around Cogne are transformed into well-groomed mountain bike routes during the summer months. Mountain biking in Cogne provides a great way to challenge the body while experience the peaceful beautiful of the region's mountains and valleys. Exploring the hills and valleys around Cogne by bike is also a great way to see local wildlife, including ibexes, golden eagles and chamois. Bikes can often be hired from local hotels to explore approximately 80-kilometres of trails. The region also hosts a number of mountain bike competitions during the summer, including the Gran Paradiso Bike.