Travelling from the UK to Cogne

Without an international airport, travelling to Cogne involves various methods of transportation. There are a number of options to get to Cogne from the UK to Cogne by air, land and rail.

Self Drive

Getting to Cogne from the UK by road can take between two to three days, depending on how many stops made along the way. The journey can be particularly scenic and the route takes travellers across France and through the Alps towards Italy. Driving from London, the trip is about 700 miles and takes approximately 12 hours without stops. If driving to Cogne, be prepared with adequate supplies to keep your car well maintained. Include emergency provisions including a first aid kit, blankets, water, a flashlight and other essential equipment. You can either drive your own vehicle, or hire a car if you don't own a vehicle yourself. Either way make sure to get adequate insurance to cover you for your trip.

To get to mainland Europe from the UK, travel on the M20 towards Dover and the Channel Tunnel. There are two options once on the coast. The first is travelling by ferry to Calais or taking the train via the Channel Tunnel. Once in Calais, take the A26 (E15) towards Paris. At Troyes, the A26 links with the A5 (E17). Travel on the A5 towards Dijon and Lyon until the A5 merges with the A31 (E17/E21) and travel south towards Dijon. In Dijon, continue on the A39 toward Grenoble. In Bourg-en-Bresse, merge with the A40 (E21/E62). Stay on the A40 and continue onto N205 at Passy. Travel on the N205 towards Italy, where the N205 becomes the A5 (E25). Travelling towards Aosta, continue on the A5 until reaching SR47. At the junction of the A5 and SR47, follow signs to Cogne.

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Coach travel is another popular way to travel to Cogne. Eurolines links the UK with Italy with regular coaches. Eurolines has direct lines to more than 500 towns in 18 countries throughout Europe. When travelling between the UK and Italy, a change in coaches is typically required in Paris. Eurolines connects the UK with Aosta, Italy, which is the largest city closest to Cogne. The trip generally takes 20 to 24 hours, including a stopover in Paris. National Express also provides connections to Eurolines coaches from communities throughout the UK.

Once in Aosta, travellers can take local buses to Cogne. Società Valdostana Autoservizi Pubblici (SVAP) provides local public transport throughout the Aosta Valley. It also links Aosta with Cogne with daily buses operating throughout the day. Buses stop at various locations throughout Cogne, including close to accommodation and attractions in and around the town. The trip between Aosta and Cogne is about an hour. Visitors can also rent a car in Aosta and drive to Cogne.


The closest international airport to Cogne is located in Torino (Turin). The Aeroporto di Torino (Turin Airport) is located at Caselle Torinese, approximately 15 kilometres northwest of Torino. The airport is served by major European airlines, including Air France, British Airways, Brussels Airways, KLM and Lufthansa. It is also a focal city for Alitalia, Italy's largest airline.

When flying between the UK and Torino, there are several options. British Airways operates direct flights from London's Gatwick Airport. Flights from Gatwick are also available on EasyJet. operates seasonal flights from Manchester, while Monarch Airlines flies seasonally from Birmingham. Thomas Cook Airlines also provides seasonal flights from Birmingham, East Midlands, Gatwick and Manchester. If you are travelling to the airport by car there are short and long term car parking facilities available at each of these airports, otherwise taxi services and transfers can be booked in advance. Connecting flights are also possible from the UK with Air France via Paris, Alitalia via Rome, KLM via Amsterdam, and Lufthansa via Frankfurt and Munich.

In Torino, visitors can rent a car from a number of international and national car hire agencies based at the airport. Take the A5 (E612) from Torino and travel north towards Aosta. Once in Aosta, the A5 links with the SR47. Travel south on the SR47 and follow signs to Cogne. The journey should take just under two hours. A train service also links the airport directly with Torino Dora Station in less than 20 minutes. From Torino Dora Station, walk (20 minutes) or travel by bus or taxi to Torino Porta Susa Station. Trains to Aosta via Ivrea depart from Porta Susa Station. Once in Aosta, SVAP operates regular buses to Cogne.


Travelling by train to Cogne typically involves a stopover in Paris. From London, the Eurostar provides regular service to Gare du Nord in Paris. The SNCF's France Italy TGV service provides high-speed trains to Torino Porta Susa Station. Trains depart from Gare de Lyon in Paris. Travel time between London and Paris is approximately two-and-a-half hours, while the trip between Paris and Torino is about five hours and forty minutes.

There is no train service to Cogne. Once in Torino, regional trains link Porta Susa Station with Aosta via Ivrea. Aosta is the closest town to Cogne with train connections. The trip between Torino and Aosta takes about two hours. Once in Aosta, SVAP operates regular buses throughout the day to Cogne. For more information about train schedules and fares in Italy, visit trenitalia.