Winter Holidays in Cogne

The Aosta Valley is renowned for its winter activities. Cogne is no exception with a wealth of winter sport destinations in and around the town. Providing a scenic hub for a winter holiday, the community is transformed into a winter wonderland with plenty of opportunities to enjoy snow and the outdoors, making it a popular choice for UK holidaymakers. Local schools and rental shops also ensure visitors have all the equipment and support they need to enjoy a fun winter holiday in the region.

Skiing and Snowboarding

For skiers and snowboarders looking to get away from the crowds of popular resorts in nearby communities, Cogne is the perfect destination. At the heart of the Gran Paradiso National Park, the town is home to a small, family-friendly ski area with two chair lifts and one cable car. The picturesque ski area is ideal for a relaxed and secluded experience. A snow park provides a safe and inviting place for children and beginners, along with sledging on colourful inflatables. With elevations of between 1,500 and 2,300 metres, exhilarating runs are designed for skiers and snowboards of varying abilities. Runs in the Cogne ski area cover eight kilometres. The ski season typically begins in December and lasts until March. For more information, visit

Cross Country Skiing

From the foot of Cogne's ski runs is an extensive network of cross country skiing trails that branch out throughout Cogne and the wide meadows of Sant'Orso. Cross country trails with unforgettable views of the Gran Paradiso National Park also links with the neighbouring village of Valnontey. Other trails provide access to ice falls in Lillaz, while more technical trails are found in nearby Epinel. With approximately 80 kilometres of trails winding beneath the peaks of the Gran Paradiso, there is plenty to explore. Cogne also hosts some of the biggest events in Nordic skiing in Italy, including a World Cup sprint event and the Gran Paradiso March. Hosted every February, the 45-kilometre Gran Paradiso March features 12 loops through woods, across bridges and along streams in the stunning countryside around Cogne.

Ice Climbing and Ski Trekking

Ice climbing offers a unique and thrilling way to experience Cogne. Climbing schools based in Cogne offer excursions and lessons, and private alpine guides may be hired for climbers of all abilities and experience. Apline guides are also available for exploring backcountry ski routes. Valnontey and Valeille are popular destinations, especially for climbing ice falls. Some 150 ice falls in the region attract climbers from around the world. Classic climbs include Lillaz Gully, Candelabro del Coyote, Sentiero del Troll and Tuborg. For more information about hiring an alpine guide in Cogne, visit Guidealpinecogne.

Snowshoeing and Ski Trekking

There are plenty of backcountry routes to explore with unforgettable mountain views. A number of alpine guides are based in Cogne and provide guided excursions. For a slower pace, snowshoeing provides a fun alternative to skiing in the forests and meadows surrounding Cogne. Visitors can explore the countryside around Conge on snowshoes, including through the Gran Paradiso National Park. Trails of varying lengths feature gentle slopes through snow-covered hills and scenic woods. It is not uncommon to see or find tracks of wildlife that inhabit the region, including chamois and foxes.

Ice Skating

Each year from December to March, visitors can enjoy ice skating at a small outdoor rink in Cogne's Piazza Chanoux. Ice skates may be hired and beginners can take advantage of skating lessons offered at the rink. The ice rink also hosts a number of events during winter months, including a ramazza hockey tournament. A local variation of ice hockey, ramazza hockey involves a broom and a small ball rather a traditional puck and hockey stick.